The Story of γεωπονικό geoponiko®

An exquisite extra virgin olive oil from Greece

All the way from Greece to your table, comes this award-winning olive oil, esteemed by connoisseurs to be one of Greece's finest. In the sun-kissed plains of Peania, Greece, located below the Hymettos Mountain, the Nikologianni family has been producing olive oil for almost 400 years.

Surpassing flavour

Enjoy the tantalizing, with layers of flavour and nuances taste of our olive oil. It is fresh, fruity, and lightly spicy with strong aftertaste and fragrant finish. Explore your options - salads, entrées, main dishes and even desserts can benefit from the delectable flavour of this versatile olive oil.


One family - 400 years of expertise

Oftentimes olive oil companies travel all over Greece to find and combine their harvest with others. But the Nikologianni family has been providing supreme extra virgin olive oil, only from its own family estates. Therefore, we can guarantee that each bottle of γεωπονικό geoponiko® contains extra virgin olive oil produced by skilled craftsmen, paying attention to every detail. Our olive oil is left unfiltered in order to retain its extra virgin properties and all the delicious flavour.

100% Knowledge of the cultivation of olive trees

The production of this olive oil begins in the orchards, where the olive trees—which have been treated according to the correct cultivation techniques by the four M.Sc. Agriculturists (all of them family members)—pass through rigorous health and safety regulations to adhere the European strict standards for the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Olive varieties

γεωπονικό geoponiko® extra virgin olive oil has intricate flavour nuances and utilizes three varieties of olives from the family's estates. They are harmoniously combined to create a perfect blend, and include Manaki, Athinolia and Klonos Megaron olives. The olives are gathered with care, in order not to bruise the skin or damage the pulp, and are chosen when they have just turned the perfect colour and ripeness. Then they are quickly sent to the oil mill - certified with ISO22000, signature EL 40177- washed with clean water and crushed only by mechanical methods under Cold Extraction T<26ºC, all within hours of being picked.

0.2% Oleic acidity

All extra virgin olive oils must meet the standards of a stringent panel of tasters and must also contain less than 0.8% acidity.
γεωπονικό geoponiko® is an olive oil so pure that has no more than 0.2% acidity, leaving the sweetness of the olive oil unmarred by sharpness.




Bottled and labelled by hand confirms its unique identity. The dark green coloured glass bottles, which include cap with pourer, ensure the perfect maintenance of its freshness and everyday ease of use.
(Volume 0.250L – 0.500L – 1L)

Award winner

γεωπονικό geoponiko® won the Bronze Taste Award 2012 in the category of "Intense Fruity" among the Greek extra virgin olive oils. The competition was organised by the European Organization of Strategic Planning – 3rd Olive Oil Competition.


Olive oil and Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology concedes that the goddess Athena gave the gift of the olive tree to humans. After that, it quickly became one of the most important natural products and an integral part of the Greek culture. The ancient Greeks used it to light their way, for heat, as an ointment for body health, as a lubricant, in sacred rituals to anoint the holy and of course as food!




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